Rules for organizing CASA and CGI conferences

  1. The main organizer of future conferences is selected and approved by the SC (Steering committee) before the current conference. The SC will discuss the candidates internally and the President will officially invite them to organise the conference. The main organizer should accept to follow the present rules.

  2. The organizer should be able to support the conference financially (ability to attract good sponsors, who may also constitute an industrial track). CGS does not provide any in cash for organizing the conference but in the same way, does not take any financial benefit out of it. It is up to the organizer to manage the financial costs and possible benefits and take the responsibility for it.

  3. The main organizer should propose Cochair(s) and Program Chairs to the SC through the President. Two people of the same country cannot be Chairs at the same level. It is highly recommended that Cochairs be selected internationally to maintain the international aspects of the conferences and to encourage submission of papers from all over the world.

  4. The SC may help the organisers with the following:
    • Templates of the conference web-page, logos, letters to the publisher, etc.
    • List of the past conference IPC members
    • Emailing CFPs through our distribution list
    • Providing and maintaining the electronic submission system if the organiser does not have one.

  5. The organizer must follow the general guidelines of the past conferences (including CFP, design, structure, publisher, acceptance rate, etc.) and discuss all changes with the SC. This has to be closely monitored by the SC.

  6. The IPC of each conference consists of a core groups of researchers that contribute to the conferences each year and new members proposed by the organizer in agreement with the President of the SC.

  7. For the CASA conference, the official proceedings is a special issue containing 30 best papers in the CAVW journal (computer animation and virtual worlds journal) published by Wiley. For the CGI conference, the official proceedings is a special issue containing 30 best papers in the Visual Computer published by Springer. No other publisher can be selected due to copyright issues.

  8. The permanent part of the IPC cannot be changed by the organiser without discussions with the SC. Guest members can be added to IPC but there is no guarantee that they will remain on the IPCs of the future conferences. The final list should be approved by the President of the SC.

  9. The organizer must be able to advertise the conference through electronic means (flyers posted and delivered to different conferences, ads in media and journals).